At the department of dermatovenerology students of 26 group of the medical faculty prepared a report on the President's Day in the Republic of Tajikistan. It was told that since the collapse of the USSR many former republics faced the question: what form of government to choose? In the Republic of Tajikistan the presidential form of government was adopted. This form of government is elected by the people for a limited period of time. In 1994, on November 16, the founder of peace and national unity of the Republic of Tajikistan - the Leader of the nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the esteemed Emomali Rahmon solemnly took the oath of office for the first time. The historic footage was broadcast on all television channels.

This day is dedicated to summarizing the results of the governance of the state, the main achievements of which are the approval of the flag, anthem, currency, and Constitution. During 32 years of independence, Tajikistan has developed agriculture, energy, tourism, industry, etc. since the end of the civil war. These achievements are talked about from the pages of mass media, books have been written about it, dissertations have been defended.

But I would like to emphasize the contribution of the President and the government of our republic in establishing peace and order. It was necessary to come to an agreement with the warring parties, to provide the population with basic necessities, to return refugees, to fight infectious diseases (typhoid, malaria, heliotrope), to stop the plundering of the country, to direct all efforts to the establishment of a secular, democratic state. Only correctly chosen priorities and their ways of achievement brought the country out of ruin.

Now we are evidence that Tajikistan is known all over the world. They know about Tajikistan by making proposals concerning the problems of glacier melting, by calling for peaceful resolution of military conflicts, by winning medals by athletes and participants of the Olympics, by hydroelectric power, by beautiful nature, etc.

This holiday is intended to emphasize the role of the head of state in the development of Tajik society, elected by popular vote.

Mukhamadieva K.M., d.m.s., head of the department dermatovenerology,

Ismatulloeva S.S., c.m.s., associate professor



15.11.2023 741