Pedagogy is a science that studies the processes of upbringing and education. The links between pedagogy and society are close and interdependent. The success and prosperity of society depend on the education system, and pedagogy is the foundation of this system.

The main goal of pedagogy is the formation of a harmoniously developed personality capable of functioning in society and taking an active part in its formation and development. Upbringing, education and transfer of knowledge are of great importance for improving the quality of life in society. Society has come a long way in its development and pedagogy has played a significant role in this process. In the past, society was organized according to the principles of hierarchy and injustice and education was provided only to the elite. However, with the development of society and the formation of democratic values, pedagogy has acquired a new meaning.

Modern society is built on the principles of equality, justice and humanism. Pedagogy has become focused on the individuality and needs of each person. It helps to unlock the potential of each individual, develops creative thinking, fosters critical thinking and promotes interpersonal communication. Knowledge and education are the main factors for success in life. Modern society requires highly qualified specialists in various fields, and pedagogy plays a key role in the formation of these specialists.

The education system must be flexible and adaptive to meet the challenges of modernity. The role of the pedagogical community in the development of society cannot be overestimated. Teachers have not only to impart knowledge and form skills, but also to foster civic responsibility, tolerance and ethical standards. They are a model for the younger generation and influence the formation of its values and attitudes. Pedagogy as the basis of a developed society requires the absence of differentiation and availability of education for all segments of the population. Everyone has the right to education and their social status should not be a barrier to quality education. Expansion of inequality in education can lead to a disruption of the balance in society and create social contradictions.

It is important to note that pedagogy is based on scientific research and methodological approaches. Continuous improvement of the pedagogical system, introduction of innovations and use of modern technologies are an integral part of the development of pedagogy and society as a whole. In conclusion, pedagogy plays an important role in the formation of society, allowing the development of personality, ensuring the accessibility of education, transferring knowledge and developing skills. Pedagogical art contributes to the improvement of the quality of life and successful development of society as a whole.

S.A.Muminjonov - head of the department of microbiology, immunology and virology


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