Patriotism is our pride!

Patriotism is our pride!

September 21st , 2022, there was organized an event in the framework “Patriotism - our pride!” at the department of internal diseases №3 of the SEI “ Avicenna Tajik State Medical University”, with the participation of the staff of the department, the employees of the SI CNM of the Republic of Tajikistan "Shifobakhsh" town and 6th year students, groups 1 to 6 and from 85 to 90.

The following event was formed by the head of the department, c.m.s., associate professor Uroqov K.Z. gave the opening ceremony and noted that: "Motherland is the destiny and part of every human being, a friendly and kind mother. If the real mother gave birth to us, the motherland laid a caressing hand on our heads and opened her arms to continue a colorful life!" Also, among the event participants, the majority of who were young people, a call was made that young people, as a vulnerable part of the society, should not lose political awareness and consider national interests as a priority.

        During the event, the senior teacher of the department, the official for educational affairs Sharifov M.M. spoke and reminded of the continuous efforts of the great Leader of the nation in the direction of development of statehood and protection of national identity. It was noted that the Tajik people are among those nations that love their borders and land very much and are dying for its existence. The heroes of "Temurmalik and Sherak, Devashtich and Vose" are proof of the above sayings. There are some unique and unrepeatable sanctities in the world that include the Motherland.

        6th year students, 1st groups (under the leadership of c.m.s., associate professor of the department Hojieva G.B.) and 2nd groups (under the leadership of the senior teacher of the department Sharifov M.M.) of the medical faculty took an active part, with beautiful poems and words. attracted the attention of the participants on the topic of patriotism. Wide participation of students in the event proved that the sense of patriotism and pride of the country, protection of state peace and stability is burning in their hearts.

The event was held in an atmosphere of pride and patriotism. At the end of it, it was unanimously stated that we, the youth, will make the policy of the founder of peace and national unity, the great leader of the nation, our training and activities to protect the national and state values, the integrity of our beloved motherland, and contribute to the development of the image of this dear country.


Department of internal diseases №3


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

23.09.2022 1409