Observing beautiful nature, drinking clear water of springs, listening to the singing of seagulls and nightingales, inhaling fresh air from clean and dust-free air give strength to the human heart and light to the eyes.

Yes, our dear Motherland - Tajikistan has such blessings that give people a joyful mood both in the state of illness and in the period of health.

Whatever the state of mankind, wherever it lives, everything small and big needs nature and its creatures. Without nature, life cannot continue in any epoch, because the existence of every living creature is connected with water, soil and air.

The prosperity of the country and cleanliness of the environment depend only on people, and respect for nature and efficient use of its resources is the duty of every real person.

To keep one's place of residence clean and in order, to turn an undeveloped corner into a garden, to treat one's flora and fauna with care is one of the most important pillars of friendship and respect for the motherland. If a person does not feel these signs, it can be said without any doubt that his patriotism is weak.

Today, the Tajik people have a leader-leader, a great, professional and proud President Emomali Rahmon leading a great nation. Today Tajiks are striving for the prosperity of their dear homeland. Today, at the cost of great efforts, they are putting a stone on top of a stone for the prosperity of Roghun, so that the future of the next generation will be bright. So that a Tajik mother can easily and proudly solve the problems of her life. Let dear Tajikistan be proud and glorious among other countries of the world.

Tajikistan's efforts under the leadership of the Leader of the nation to build the Roghun HPP are based on the fact that the Republic of Tajikistan must get out of the energy crisis as soon as possible and develop its development on an even larger scale. In fact, the Roghun power plant is the labor of the Tajik people and a brilliant future awaits it. See for yourself how many enterprises and factories will be employed if the Roghun HPP is completed in Tajikistan. Electricity is constantly flowing in Tajikistan, new jobs are being created, and people's lives are getting better and better.

Unfortunately, climate change has occurred in recent years and has reduced water resources of Tajikistan to some extent. In view of this situation and deficit situation in other regions of the world, the leader of the Tajik nation did not leave Tajik people indifferent, he made a comprehensive speech on this issue from the high rostrum of the UN assembly and declared the years 2018-2028 as the international decade "Water for Sustainable Development". The proposal of the head of the Tajiks of the world was supported by the UN and many members of this prestigious organization, and they hold meetings and useful discussions among people throughout the Republic of Tajikistan.

In fact, we know that Tajikistan is located in the heart of Central Asia in terms of water resources and ranks 8th in the world. If water resources in Central Asia are 100%, its reserves in the Republic of Tajikistan are 55%.

There are 947 small and big rivers in Tajikistan, the length of which is 28.5 thousand kilometers. The Republic of Tajikistan has 527 billion kilowatt hours of hydropower potential per year and ranks eighth in the world after major powers China, Russia, USA, Brazil, India and Canada.

However, unfortunately, in some regions of Tajikistan irrational water use is observed, part of the population ignores its deficit, pollutes gutters and streams. They do not think that they use the water of these streams downstream. Therefore, we should definitely reach the water level, start from one neck and contribute to the realization of the policy of the founder of national peace and unity, the great leader of the nation.

The Tajik people have been intelligent, shrewd and hardworking since ancient times. It always strives for prosperity and freedom. This great nation always tries not to depend on anyone. Overcome difficulties and problems with their great efforts.

Every person should leave behind a good deed, a memory. When a person passes away, his good deeds keep the memory of him. Of course, all people are mortal, but if there is a good deed left by a person, then every time you look at it, his endless labor will involuntarily revive the name of this person.

Happy is the man who has lived

who has lived his life doing good deeds.




Head of the Department of Medical Biology with the basics of genetics, d.b.s., associate professor M.Y. Holbekiyon.


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

31.10.2023 632