Particular of the modern education system

Particular of the modern education system

In the modern multicultural and many polar world, education is one of the widest and most important spheres of human activity. Its place in the life of society is determined by the importance that people's knowledge, experience, skills in the expression of Yu. Granin have in social development), skills, opportunities for the development of professional and personal qualities ("as a prerequisite for the development of unique, creative personality")

The information revolution and the formation of the information society had brought information and knowledge to the forefront of social and economic development. The most important value and the main capital of modern society is a person who is able to find and master new knowledge and make non-standard decisions. Such an orientation to the ability to change the attitude towards all types of images on the part of society.

The modern educational reality is individual educational programs, external education, distance learning. The "screen culture" of human education is developing, where the production, storage, transfer and consumption of information takes place using computer and Internet technologies. Information and communication technologies are becoming increasingly important in various fields of scientific and professional knowledge, technology of cooperation and joint creativity, where the key is personal communication and organization of interests in small creative groups.

The study and application of information technology in education meets two categories of needs. 1. The needs of a modern society to adapt each knowledge to the existence and success of a modern information society; training of highly qualified professionals who are able to apply new information technologies in their professional activities, etc. 2. The needs of the individual to adapt to the existence and success of the modern information society; acquisition of knowledge, skills and skills in the application of information technologies in their professional activities; in self-realization through mastery of information technologies.

The educational paradigm builds on trends: from a person who knows to an educated person. An educated person is not only a knowledgeable person, but also possesses highly valued personality qualities in society. Modern person is considered educated provided that possesses not only professional capabilities, but also certain spiritual and moral values.

The concept of cultural development, which includes the reflection of different views and norms of behavior, including religious ones, is integral to the concept of an educated person. Education remains an intermediary between personality and culture, helping to determine the trajectory of life, nurture, improve, and form the image of an educated person. "Openness to the world and depth in it allow" human in man "to take place

In order for a person to take place, he "must equally create and listen, watch, read, feel created."

The essence of education in the conditions of globalization and informatizion of society lies in the reproduction and construction of human existence with the support of a socio-cultural foundation. Its content is drawn and replenished from culture and science, as well as from human life and practice.


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