On December 4, 2021 with the participation of teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages, the head of the department, Associate Professor Mukhamadieva Z.A., senior teacher of the department Kayumova M.A., teachers Najmiddinova D.M., Manonova P.I. and the chairwoman of the women’s council of SEI “Avicenna Tajik state medical university” went to the museum “Outstanding Women of Tajikistan” named after Muqaddara Rustamova, where we met with the activities of deserving women of Tajikistan as, Niyozova Safia, Safarova Saida, Nahangova Mamlakat, Malika Kalandarova, Lobkovskaya Nina Alekseevna, Fedorova Alexandra Anatolevna, Budkevich Antonina Leonidovna, Mukaddas Nabieva, Yokubova Munira, Lutfulloeva Kibriyo, Khasanova Mastura, Pulodova Makhkam, Yokubova Mukhiba, Okilova Matluba and others.

A worthy Tajik woman Mukaddara Rustamova, who worked hard to acquaint people with the activities of Tajik women and revive their priceless history and how she created this museum in her personal apartment, and gave it to the state. The representatives of the museum showed us a video about Mukaddara Rustamova, which told us how she collected information about these women.

In the center is also a memorial plaque with a portrait of the mother of the Founder of Peace and National Unity - the Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon - Mairami Ziyo, the first world champion Zebunniso Rustamova and others.

Of course, it was interesting to hear the story of how they gradually rose to the top and became famous and outstanding history. We recommend that all teachers and students of our university visit this museum and get acquainted with the work of outstanding women in Tajikistan and get a good impression.

Mukhamadieva Z.A., department of foreign languages

SEI “Avicenna Tajik state medical university”

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