Online training seminar

Online training seminar

Within the framework of international cooperation for conducting training seminars for the staff of the Faculty of Dentistry at the invitation of the rector of SIE "TSMU named after Avicenna ", Professor Gulzoda M.K. Associate Professor of the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry of TSU named after S. G.N.D. Asfendiyarov" Republic of Kazakhstan, candidate of medical science Baskakova Irina Valentinovna held a seminar-distance learning.

In the process of academic exchange on October 11-15 and 25-30 of this year on the ZOOM platform with the faculty and staff of the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of the Tajik State Medical University. AVICENNA " held a training seminar"

Associate Professor Baskakova I.B. the plan was made up of 11 seminars for each day of the event. All the topics of the course were suitable for the declared training seminar, very relevant and interesting for the listeners. It should be noted that the classes were held not only theoretically, but also in a practical way. In particular, the participants of the training completed practical tasks and independent work outside of classes. The seminars themselves were held in a very free and incredible situation. It is worth noting that Associate Professor Baskakova I.B the question of the methodology and sequence of providing training materials is one of the best specialists.

In particular, his style of speech can be very moral and can attract the attention of listeners even when considering complex issues under consideration. Irina Valentinovna answered numerous questions from the audience, made clear, understandable, and did not spare full time.

Dean's Office and faculty of the Faculty of Dentistry named after Avicenna "dear Gulzoda M.K., I express my sincere gratitude for the organization and successful holding of the intermediate training seminar "improving the methodology of assessment and retraining of persons undergoing medical training". We hope for further effective cooperation between our universities.

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry,

Yuldasheva U.P.

08.11.2021 263