“NTV”, “MY PLANET”, “BBC WORLD NEWS”, “NATIONAL GEOGRAFIC”. Tajikistan's tourism resources are represented and promoted in global networks

“NTV”, “MY PLANET”, “BBC WORLD NEWS”, “NATIONAL GEOGRAFIC”. Tajikistan's tourism resources are represented and promoted in global networks

On April 23-28, at the initiative of the Committee for tourism development under the government of the Republic of Tajikistan and in cooperation with the water production company "Siyoma" the creative team of the famous program of the Russian TV channel "NTV" "Poedim, poedim!" came to Tajikistan. According to the planned program, during the trip, a creative team of the program became acquainted with the tourist opportunities of the regions of the Republic and filmed the way of cooking national dishes. AMIT “Khovar” was informed about it by the Committee for tourism development of the Republic.

With the support of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan this year, the Committee on tourism development has attracted several prestigious international news networks, such as “NTV” and “My Planet” of Russian Federation, "BBC World News" and "National Geographic". The Committee has also been working with the Russian Federation, where the unique nature and the rich historical and cultural heritage of our country is filmed and promoted.

The program “Poedim, poedim” is an educational and propaganda project, broadcasts on the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries of the world and presents through the program the cultural, civilization and tourist opportunities of the countries of the world.

Please be reminded that the creative team of the program is visiting our country for the third time.

During May-June the TV program "Magic of Taste" on the channel "My Planet Russian Federation and recorded 15, 30 and 120 second long commercials on Global. BBC World News", as well as the production of a documentary about tourism opportunities launched through the global network "National Geographic".

This year, representatives of the tourism industry of the country, due to the authorized status of the industry and the private sector will take part in the international tourism exhibitions Tehran-2023 in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, "ITB Berlin-2023" in Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany, "MITT-2023" in Moscow Russian Federation, Tajikistan International Investment Forum and the UK take an active part in the “Arabian Travel Market” in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Presentation of the tourist potential of Tajikistan in these programs will be ensured at the proper level and will help to attract more tourists and tourists.

We remind that in modern times, the development and broadcasting of advertising programs by world famous networks to represent the tourism industry of Tajikistan in the international arena and increase the confidence of tourists to visit our beloved homeland provides all-round assistance. At present, tourism service entities widely use television, radio, press, Internet sites and networks, billboards and other possible media to promote their tourism products.



Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

03.05.2023 526