Doctor is a man of great soul, wide heart,

sustainable energy - ready for any

a minute to come help people.

N.I. Pirogov


According to the activity plan of the department for educational work at the Department of Russian Languages   of SEI ATSMU from February 15 to 22, 2022, held a weekly a student scientific and practical conference dedicated to the spiritual and moral education of medical students was held on the example of the activities of the famous Russian doctor and teacher N.I. Pirogov (1810-1881).

The main goal of spiritual and moral education of medical students is to contribute to their formation of cultural development through acquaintance with one of the greatest people of the 19th century, introduction to the values   of a universal human culture, including humanity, patriotism and a culture of behavior.

Responsible for the conferences were: the head of the department W.R. Yuldoshev and all the teachers of the department, including   M. R. Nazarova, S.A. Hotamova,   R.R. Kamolova, M.A. Holmatova, D.H.Sultanova, O.A.Lisih, N.Sh.Alieva, M.D Varakyan.

The conference was attended by all students of the 1st   year of our university. Work of each conference was opened the performance by the chair of department, d.p.s. , professor U.R. Yuldoshev. In his welcoming speech addressed to those present, U.R. Yuldoshev noted that "there are people on Earth who gave all their knowledge, experience, strength to others," lived for the benefit of the Fatherland. " Their names   remain in history. One of such great people can rightfully be considered.   Pirogov is a world-famous doctor, scientist and talented surgeon. Knowing well the anatomy and surgery, he saved a huge number of lives. The contribution to medicine of N.I. Pirogov is comparable to the works of several generations of doctors, he was distinguished by true humanity, he empathized with patients, risked reputation, arguing with medical luminaries, introduced revolutionary innovations in medical work. A doctor is not only a specialty, but also a vocation that requires special personality qualities.    N.I. Pirogov forever remain in the history of Russian science and culture. Medicine for N. I. Pirogov is a universal achievement, and humanism is the main and necessary feature of any medical worker. "

The topics of the student reports were devoted to the life path of the outstanding medical scientist, his pedagogical heritage, his merits in the field of surgery, his invaluable contribution to medicine, etc. Many students read N.I. Pirogov's statement about medical doctors, about science and education, about patriotism.

At the end of the conference, students and teachers watched a documentary about the life of N.I. Pirogov. Summing up the conference, we noted that, getting acquainted with the activities of the great surgeon and teacher, medical students are convinced that the activities of N. I. Pirogov are an example of great humanism and professionalism, an example of a person who has devoted his whole life to medicine.

The material was prepared by D.M. Najmiddinova, a teacher of English at the Department of Foreign Languages.

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