The national flag of the Republic of Tajikistan has a great importance. It is the sanctity of the nation. The State Flag of the Republic of Tajikistan was approved at the session of the Supreme Council on November 24, 1992. The State Flag calls on all residents of the country to be proud of the state and statehood, to strengthen national independence, to protect its achievements and, above all, to national unity and constant efforts for the prosperity of the ancestral land.

The national flag of Tajikistan consists of three colors:

Red color - a symbol of struggle and vitality of the people for freedom and independence:

White color - a sign of happiness, hope and dreams;

Green color - a sign of greenery and prosperity, pride and glory and eternity of the inhabitants.

In the middle of the flag there is an image of a crown and seven stars, which is a reference to the historical roots of Tajik statehood.

Originally, according to the authors of the State Flag, the seven stars were interpreted as symbols of seven prominent Persian-Tajik poets.

The seven stars now represent the seven historical and cultural regions of our dear country of Tajikistan, namely Sughd, Zarafshan, Hissor, Rasht, Vakhsh, Khatlon and Badakhsho n.

Respect for national values, including the Constitution, Emblem, Flag and National Anthem are seen as expression of national pride, stability of the state and respect for national and historical values.

It is our task to educate the youth of our nation to respect and pay attention to national values.

The Founder of peace and national unity - Leader of the nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, for the purpose of respect and appreciation, as well as loyalty to one of the main symbols of the state, declared November 24th - the day of the State Flag of the Republic of Tajikistan.

An occasion to rejoice that every year November 24th is celebrated as the State Flag Day with pride and pride in the state and statehood of our civilized nation.

Khodjaeva S.M, senior lecturer of the department of human anatomy and terminology of latin medicine named after Y.A. Rahimov


Ismoilov R.

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