To faithfully fulfill all the tasks and responsibilities assigned to us by the leadership of the country and the enterprise means to faithfully and selflessly serve the homeland. Addressing problems such as extremism, terrorism and regionalism that have haunted the global community in recent years also contributes to the prosperity of the country. By studying the factors that have led to the emergence of these undesirable activities in other countries around the world, we can all work together to eliminate them so that innocent people will not once again lose their lives in our beloved homeland and unique historic towns, villages and monuments will not be destroyed. The damage caused to the world economy by these tragedies has exceeded hundreds of billions of dollars. In recent years, the continuation of these negative phenomena has led to an increase in political, economic, security, humanitarian and cultural threats, as well as the outbreak of various infectious diseases in all regions of the world, including coronavirus. This has challenged the health of societies and placed a heavy burden on the budgets of the affected countries.

At all times and in all countries there was and is opposition to the government and the leading party, and Tajikistan is no exception. In modern conditions, despite the huge economic and financial difficulties of the world, Tajikistan as a free state consistently pursues a democratic, secular and legal policy. However, there are individuals and groups who do not appreciate this and by their illegal actions want to affect the peaceful and orderly life of the country. There is always someone who acts as a plaything in the hands of others, adheres to their thoughts and ideas and thus, spares neither religion, homeland and nation, nor their kith and kin and even their parents. At the same time, there are those who deliberately oppose peace and stability in the country, seeking behind-the-scenes consultations with their foreign "masters" to realize their nefarious plans and intentions.

In his Addresses to the Parliament - Majlisi Oli of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Leader of the nation, the President of the country his excellency Emomali Rahmon defines the annual prospects for the development of the country, which is the most important political and legal document that determines the direction and conditions for the development of the state and society. The goal of the Head of State is to improve the living standards and literacy of the population, as well as to create favorable conditions for the sustainable development of our beloved country. Each point of the Address, which is primarily aimed at the public, has a deep political and educational content and at the same time focuses on important areas of the country, such as economy and industry, energy, roads and transport, security and defense, law enforcement, health care, culture, science and education, social protection, youth, sports and tourism. In his annual address, the Head of State expressed satisfaction that our courageous youth, as a creative force, actively participates in important state and public events, makes a worthy contribution to the improvement and creation. Therefore, young people need to take initiative in constructive actions, to present their scientific and creative achievements in a timely manner, to fight against undesirable phenomena and be ready to protect the security of society and the state. And also to respect the history and culture of our people and strive for further prosperity and progress of our beloved Motherland.

Despite the changing political and economic situation in the world, our country under the leadership of the Founder of peace and national unity, the Leader of the nation, President Emomali Rahmon is steadily moving forward on the path of sustainable economic growth, achieving strategic goals and thus ensuring a decent life for the population. We all know that in recent years there have been droughts and they have not bypassed our native Tajikistan. Our people are well aware that this is a global problem. Because of the low water level in reservoirs, energy saving is needed more than ever. The people of Tajikistan supported repeated calls of the country's leadership to save energy and fill reservoirs with water, which contributes to stabilization of the energy situation in the country. A few years ago the population of the Republic of Tajikistan was 4 million people, now it has reached 9 million, which accordingly leads to a significant increase in electricity consumption. Due to the industrial development of Tajikistan and wide use of electrical appliances such as air conditioners, radiators, irons, stoves, refrigerators and electrical equipment used in construction, the demand for electricity has increased. With this in mind, we are all obliged, above all, to set an example and show a sense of patriotism, and to cherish the Motherland as the apple of our eye. We intellectuals need to lead the people of the country to the prosperity and progress of our ancestral land, to always be vigilant and patriotic. In all spheres, regardless of our position, each of us is obliged to fight for the bright future of our beloved Motherland!

Nosiri Q.N. head of rector’s Service of the Avicenna Tajik State Medical University, c.m.s., associate professor.

Taibov S.A., specialist of the rector’s Service of the Avicenna Tajik State Medical University, c.m.s., associate professor.


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

13.09.2023 792