The rules of wearing cloth in the ATSMU

The rules of wearing cloth in the ATSMU

On December 15, a presentation was held on the topic «The rules of wearing cloth in the ATSMU», by 3rd year students, 71st group of the medical faculty - Hilolbi Sukhrob and Shukurov Nekruz under the guidance of assistant of the department Rakhmatullaeva Manizha Akhmedovna.

The rules of wearing cloth in the ATSMU. Requirements for the appearance of the ATSMU’s student include: maintaining personal hygiene, cut their nails, have a short haircut, shave beard and moustache. The physician's appearance includes many elements, the main element of clothing is a white coat - the uniform of the medical staff should be sterile, practical and comfortable. When choosing a medical gown, you need to pay attention to:

1.     the length of the sleeves: in the warm season, short sleeves are relevant, in the cold season - with long ones;

      2. length of the model: minimum length - for their convenience, students often choose knee-length gowns;

      3. size: a medical gown cannot be taken with the hope of losing weight or if it fits the figure; this element of clothing, shouldn’t be tight so that the doctor does not restrict himself in movements).

     Students are not allowed to: wear sportswear, wear clothing belonging to a foreign culture, tight and short skirts, multi-colored clothing with inscriptions and hijab. Wear gold jewelry (rings, bracelets ...)     The presentation was carried out for 20 minutes, students were asking questions and both of the students were answering to them. A presentation was very interesting with colorful pictures and good information.

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