Istiqlol-the bright future of Tajikistan!

Istiqlol-the bright future of Tajikistan!

In order to get acquainted with the high-level celebration of the 30th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Tajikistan and attract young people to various spheres of the country, on the direct initiative of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Leader of the Nation, dear Emomali Rahmon, in recent years, republican contests "my dear Motherland", "Garden in the morning to read books", "Science-the descent of the report" and other competitions throughout the country with special emphasis are held in the Republic of Tajikistan. Holding these competitions provides an opportunity to increase the level of knowledge of young people and educate them in the spirit of patriotism and self-awareness. The results of these competitions have become new creative, talented and educated people at the expense of young people in various fields. The peaceful space provided an opportunity for the younger generation of society to develop through their highest skills, having understanding, knowledge and aspirations for its development. The Tajik nation remains a culturally educated, educated, well-organized and humane people. In the era of the Tajik people, especially the young and younger generation, this behavior is strengthened and strengthened by sound opinion. Today, the entire population of this well-maintained and calm Land is constantly striving to enjoy all the friendly conditions and present the name of Tajikistan on the world stage.

It should also be noted that along with various areas of science and education, special attention is paid to the field of libraries. Since, in the formation of national opinion, the formation of new modern ones, the development of modern knowledge, the strengthening of independence, the role of the book is very great. Thanks to the independence and support of the leadership of the State and the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, libraries have been built in the country with accessible and accessible conditions and use their help daily. It is precisely this educational support of the top leadership of the state, in recent years, the sphere of libraries, science and development science continues to develop every day. Fortunately, the youth of the independent time, with gratitude for this peaceful space, a high awareness of responsibility, spends most of their time reading science fiction books.

In honor of a bright and revered future, national values can take part in such competitions, present their talents and knowledge. In an atmosphere of tranquility of the Motherland and in response to the care of the leadership of the state, they should constantly study science and knowledge and appreciate the creation and improvement of their Homeland.


 Valiev Davlater


10.09.2021 531