What is family? People who need you. For better or for worse, in little things or in the whole, they come when you need them and stay with you, no matter what.


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Every year on May 15, as decided by the UN General Assembly, the world celebrates the International day of the family. On September 20, 1993, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution noting that "families are an important factor in sustainable development at all levels of society," and proclaimed May 15 as the International day of the family. UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali personally initiated the day. Since then, the holiday has been observed in many countries around the world to reinforce family values as well as to raise public awareness of family issues. It is an opportunity to raise awareness about families and to deepen knowledge about the socio-economic and demographic processes that affect families.

Each year has a different motto. This year's International Day of the Family will focus on the theme: "Demographic trends and families" and aims to share knowledge about demographic trends, including aging and solidarity between generations, and analyze their impact on family life.


Interesting facts about family.

The custom of kissing the newlyweds at the end of the wedding ceremony came to us from ancient Rome. At that time, the wedding was seen as a contract, and the kiss served as a kind of seal that sealed the contract. But the tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the ring finger comes from ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed that the vein of love begins in this finger, which directs blood to the heart.

The owner of the largest family in the world is recognized by the Chinese Qiong Han, who lives in India. He has 39 wives (and the same number of mother-in-laws) and 94 children.

There is an expression in German that can be literally translated as "food for the dragon. It refers to some kind of gift that the guilty husband gives to his wife. As a rule, it can be perfume, candy or a bouquet of flowers. May 15 is another occasion to "feed the dragon.

In Britain and Ireland there is a tradition in which a woman can propose to a man herself. True, only on one day - February 29.

The embrace of a loved one can reduce pain and stress.

It is difficult to underestimate the role of the family in society. It is where the foundation of the personality of each person is laid, the continuity of all subsequent generations. The family is a social institution, where the child reveals the potential inherent in nature and determines its place in life, learns goodness, justice and creativity. The further dynamic development of social phenomena directly depends on the personal characteristics of each person, his contribution to the creative process. State authorities of all countries pay special attention to the formation of family relations as a guarantor of stability and well-being. A real family is not bound by blood ties, but by respect and joy for each other's achievements. Think of your family today and every day! Don't let today's aggressive world stop you from showing how much you love and appreciate your family members!

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