Independence and sovereignty are the essence of the development and development of the Tajik state and nation!

Independence and sovereignty are the essence of the development and development of the Tajik state and nation!

    The ancient Tajik nation, after gaining state independence, under the leadership of the founder of peace and national unity-the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the respected Emomali Rahmon, plays creation and improvement, gradually achieves a decent life thanks to conscientious work and labor. The state independence, presenting the Tajiks on the world stage as a creative, decent and civilized nation, as a country, in solving global problems, the world community declared positive and followed the creative initiatives of our country.

   During this period, the main goals and objectives of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan are to ensure a decent life for the people, stability and security, the development of the national economy and a decent representation of the country on the world stage. In order to achieve these good intentions and plans, achieve energy independence, get out of communication isolation, ensure food security and industrialization of the country, the strategic goals of the people and the state of Tajikistan were determined. During the years of independence, with the consistent implementation of strategic goals, the Republic of Tajikistan has entered a new stage of development and progress. Energy independence is considered strategic goals and an initial indicator for economic progress. During the years of independence, the Republic of Tajikistan achieved the creation of a unified system and the commissioning of large energy capacities. With the zeal of the Leader of the Nation, dear Emomali Rahmon, today every family of the Tajik people is full and solemn. If in the first years of state independence there were only 25 small and large hydroelectric power plants with a capacity of 4,404. 35 MW in the country, today the number of such sources of environmentally friendly electricity production has reached more than 306 units, the total capacity of which is 6 thousand 120.59 MW. With the introduction of new capacities of the industry, Tajikistan not only fully achieves energy independence, but also becomes a country exporting cheap energy. In order to strengthen energy independence, with the instructions and instructions of the Founder of Peace and National Unity-the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the respected Emomali Rahmon, electricity production in the country is increasing every year. If 14 billion rubles were produced in 2000, 110 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, in 2018, the country produced 19 billion 535 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is 5 billion 425 million kilowatt-hours more than in 2000.

   Over the past ten years, the production capacity of the country's energy system has increased to more than 1,520 megawatts, and more than 1,300 kilometers of high-voltage power transmission lines have been built and put into operation. In addition, today the construction of dozens of hydroelectric power plants, power plants, reconstruction and reconstruction of other facilities in the sphere continues in the country. Currently, Tajikistan, according to the assessment of international organizations for the production of environmentally friendly electricity, ranks sixth in the world. Our country has the opportunity, after the full commissioning of new capacities, including the Rogun hydroelectric power plant, to take the second or third place in terms of the percentage of electricity production from renewable sources in the world, and this will be the creative role of Tajikistan in solving one of the global problems – reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and reducing the negative consequences of climate warming. The commissioning of the first unit of the Rogun hydroelectric power plant, that is, the fateful object of the century, is the beginning of a full turn in the history of independent Tajikistan and a big and steady step towards strengthening energy independence.

    Valiev Davlater

    a journalist

25.09.2021 251