Maintaining the creative works at ATSMU

Maintaining the creative works at ATSMU

The implementation of creative measures and timely activities for the improvement and beautification of our dear capital - Dushanbe is the evidence of the fact that the Tajiks are civilized and cultural people, beautifier, urban planner and city owner. In the light of the instructions of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon and the current initiatives of the Chairman of the Dushanbe City Rustami Emomali, employees of enterprises and institutions, all residents of the capital strive to beautify, decorate and embellish our beloved capital - Dushanbe city.

In accordance with the Action Plan of ATSMU, the order of the Executive Power of Dushanbe city and in correspondence of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan from February 14, 2022 №1-5/2061, last week (18-23 04.2022) the facilities of the office, classrooms, corridors of departments, adjacent areas and inside all educational and administrative buildings of the University, alleys and avenues and streets near the University were cleaned daily.

During this week, construction works on a new 9-storey administrative building with two 4-storey buildings on its left and right sides and a hall for ceremonial meetings which consists of 1680 seats, a two-storey modern bulding for 600 seats for students and teachers, a new recreation park on Sino Avenue from the monument of Avicenna to the Russian Embassy on the area of 1.87 hectares and digging an artesian well in the educational complex "Shifobakhsh" at the expense of private funds of the University were carried out. Also at the expense of own funds of university major repairs of 6 toilets on 1st-3rd floors of the main administrative and academic building of the university for the teachers and students was proceeded. Also the restoration of the sports playground located near the University dormitories 1 and 2 at 141 Rudaki Avenue was ongoing.

Within the framework of the constructive instructions of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Leader of the Nation honorable Emomali Rahmon and in light of the assignments of the Chairman of Dushanbe city Rustami Emomali are aimed at the improvement, landscaping and transformation of our beloved capital city - Dushanbe in the "City of flowers" Instead of tulips in the alleys, around the main administrative and educational building on Rudaki Avenue, the educational buildings of "Shifobakhsh" Educational Complex on Sino Avenue, the university dormitories and the monument to Avicenna and Ismoili Somoni avenues.

April 23, 2022, the employees of the economic department of the university began planting 40 thousand bushes of seasonal sage and marigold in the alleys of the university and on Rudaki, Sino, and Ismoili Somoni avenues. Also on the same day, in order to clean up and improve our beloved capital city-Dushanbe, a joint clean-up day was organized with the participation of more than 700 teachers, staff memebers and students of the University. There were cleaned the territory of the educational and administrative buildings, educational complex "Shifobakhsh", the Diagnostic and Medical Center, the "Pharmaceutical"

Center, the Central Scientific- Research Laboratory, the University dormitories, Avicenna monument, corridors and streams, channels, Alisher Navoi, Shamsi, Nusratullo Makhsum, Samed Gani, Sanoy, and Shukufoni streets near the University in Ismoili Somoni and Sino districts of Dushanbe . Trees and bushes in the alleys and squares of the University and near the University facilities were trimmed and softened

The administration and all teachers, staff members and students of the University have made valuable inputs in the clear implementation of creative and long-term initiatives, including landscaping, flowers, beautification, protection of the unique nature and make Dushanbe more beautiful, prosperous and flourishing city.

University Rector’s Service

Translated: Ismoilov R.

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