The Republic of Tajikistan has a series of unique historical monuments, and it's a pride that signs of ancient history and culture have survived to this day. Hulbuk fortress is one of such historical memorials, which is located 7 kilometers from the north-western direction of Vose district. A fortress stood on this place, from which the remains of a beautiful Khatlon palace were found during archaeological excavations. During the years of the country's independence this historical monument was revived, and from time to time a stage of its reconstruction is realized. Hulbuk Castle as a unique historical monument of the Tajik people in Vose district of Khatlon province dates back to IX-XI centuries.

According to the historical sources, town “Hulbuk” had a very clear terrain with buildings and waterworks from the beginning, the best examples of its design and image have survived to this day. Research, exploration, excavation and archaeological works continue in Hulbuk fortress, and today six corners of the discovered sites are covered around the castle to protect them from snow, rain and other natural phenomena at any time of the year, and in order to attract tourists and present this historical monument. Hulbuk covers an area of 16 hectares, the palace's protective wall is 2 meters wide and up to 13 meters high. The territory of the palace covers an area of 2 hectares. The towers of the castle are up to 25 meters high. During the independence years, on the initiative and direct support of the Leader of the nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, after thousands of years, today the capital of ancient Huttalon - Hulbuk city - is being revived. The wall around the castle is fenced, and the paths and areas within it are being reconstructed and landscaped by engaged specialists. The Hulbuk Historical and Cultural Reserve with Museum was established on the basis of the town of Hulbuk precisely to honor and pay tribute to the history and culture of the ancient town-planning culture of the ancestors. The museum consists of two floors and 8 halls. The Hulbuk Museum and Fortress is a cultural institution and a unique historical monument of the Vose district, attracting more and more tourists.

Very good influence of natural science and geometry in the production of pottery, glass, blacksmithing, as well as in the design and decoration of the buildings of Hulbuk Palace and its surroundings. All the finished paintings are straightforwardly natural, and with the added talent of the Khatlon artists, embody a unique beauty. These features have led to the fact that the number of domestic and foreign visitors and tourists to this part of Tajikistan is increasing every year. This monument is included in the Tentative List of World Heritage and it is hoped that in the coming years it will be included in the UNESCO World Heritage Principal Register as a historical and cultural structure.

Valiev Davlatyor

journalist of the rector’s Service


Ismoilov R.

24.11.2023 890