HIV diseases could be ended globally by 2030

HIV diseases could be ended globally by 2030

With political will and financial resources, HIV/AIDS can be eradicated worldwide by 2030. As reported by AMIT "Khovar", this is reported by AZERTADJ with reference to the findings of experts of the UN program to combat HIV infection (UNAIDS - UNAIDS).

In 2022, as before, one person will die of HIV every minute in the world. However, success stories from Botswana and Zimbabwe, for example, show that the goal is achievable. It takes $29 million dollars annually from national and international sources to fight HIV. But in 2022, only 20.8 million dollars were raised, the same as in 2013.

In 2022, 39 million people worldwide will be infected with the HIV virus.

1.3 million people were recently infected.

9.2 million people, including 600,000 children, are still not receiving treatment.

630,000 people have died from HIV

AMIT “Khovar”


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

18.07.2023 1417