Healthy lifestyle as the main factor of health

Healthy lifestyle as the main factor of health

Protection of one's own health is the direct responsibility of everyone, he has no right to shift it to others. After all, it often happens so that a person by wrong way of life, bad habits, hypodynamia, overeating already by 20-30 years brings himself to a catastrophic state and only then remembers about medicine.

Healthy lifestyle is a way of life aimed at preserving and improving people's health. Healthy lifestyle is promoted by a hygienic mode of labor and rest, but hindered by bad habits such as smoking, alcohol and drug use. Consequently, the concept of healthy lifestyle includes all positive aspects of people's activities: satisfaction with work, active life position, social optimism, high physical activity, well-being, absence of bad habits, high medical activity, etc.

According to WHO experts, health depends 50-55% on the lifestyle of a person, 20-23% - on heredity, 20-25% - on the state of the environment (ecology) and 8-12% - on the work of the national health care system. So, to the greatest extent human health depends on lifestyle, so we can consider that the general line of formation and promotion of health is a healthy lifestyle (HLS).

Formation of an attitude to a healthy lifestyle is the most important task of the state, as well as the task of public health authorities, since lifestyle is a determining factor of health.

WHO recommendations are aimed at the formation of healthy lifestyle:

·       nutrition with low content of fats of animal origin;

·       reduction of salt intake;

·       reducing the consumption of alcoholic beverages;

·       maintaining normal body weight;

·       regular physical exercise;

·       reducing stress levels, etc.

Each person should have his own health system as a set of circumstances of the way of life, which he realizes. The absence of his health system will sooner or later lead a person to illness and will not give him the opportunity to realize the tasks laid down in him by nature. Man is so perfect that it is possible not only to maintain the necessary level of health, but also to return to it from illness from almost any condition; but with the progression of illness and with age this requires more and more effort. As a rule, a person resorts to this effort if he or she has a vital goal, motivation, which is different for each person. Creating one's own healthy lifestyle system is an extremely long process and can last a lifetime.

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