Happy Tajik Independence Day!

Happy Tajik Independence Day!

In CEPC "Stomatology" was held an extraordinary meeting dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Tajikistan, which is a hope for all Tajik people. At this event attended by the heads of departments of the center, deputy dean of the faculty of Stomatology Aminov R.S., director of the center Odinaev I.S., deputy head of the primary organization - People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan “Avicenna Bulletin” Taibov S.A. Deputy dean of the faculty of Stomatology Aminov R.S. expressed that our country, as a young country among other countries of the planet is famous for its historical and places of culture, recreation and crafts. Since centuries Tajiks as a civilized and cultural people and nation, as well as artists and lovers of literature have had a special influence and position among other nations. Incredible hospitality, special and public respect, scholarly, poetic and literary speech, sweet and eloquent language, incomparable beauty - all this is Tajik beauty and adornment. Artist and lover of literature, orator and gifted. The magical nature of Tajiks has created them in such a way that they are different from other nations. The Republic of Tajikistan in the region is truly a paradise, peaceful and fabulous land, and the announcement of the Year of Tourism and Folk Crafts Development is a sign of the progress of relations in this direction, including jobs, providing for the population, improving the standard of living of the people, presenting the history, culture and traditions of our people. Folk arts are the best and purest kind of art and are always related to human life. They epitomize people's sense of beauty. Moreover, not only creating works of art, but also supporting folk craftsmen, creators of beauty, is a sign of perfection and nobility. Needlework develops artistic taste in a person, fosters patience and cleanliness, enriches the inner world of a person. In our time, once forgotten crafts are revived, and the value of handmade products is increasing compared to mass-produced goods.

In the end, the director of the center Odinaev I.S. made a speech, which showed the development of human sense of beauty in archaeological finds such as rare books, manuscripts and paintings, which reflect the culture, the art of architecture and painting, as well as Features of daily life of the people in ancient times, one of the traditions of the people called Tajik. Nowadays, a number of activities that used to be done manually are projected by computers. Undoubtedly, it is good that young people take advantage of the achievements of the modern world, but we should not forget where the traditional art of Tajiks originated and what technology is used to create creative works of artists. Moreover, young people should be familiarized with the handicraft traditions of the Tajik people. Reflection of national traditions in the creation of handicrafts contributes to the development of self-awareness, patriotism and national pride, as well as to the improvement of skills.

Employee of the rector’s Service – Taibov S.A.


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

04.09.2023 1213