Great social danger of terrorism and extremism

Great social danger of terrorism and extremism

Nowadays, terrorism is spreading in different regions of the world, causing great social danger and posing a threat to the security of individual states and regions. At the same time, terrorist acts have worried the peace-loving people of the world. Despite the measures taken in recent years, in the direction of the fight against terrorism, the threat of new terrorist acts has only not disappeared, but is increasing.

Today, destructive wars are going on in a number of countries, causing an increase in the number of forced refugees, hunger and other social problems.

Terrorism and extremism have escalated more than ever, and with their terrible and cruel consequences, they have become the most serious problem of humanity in the current century.

We do not accept extremism in any form, because it violates the rights and freedoms of people and citizens. Extremism violates the moral foundations of society and threatens the security of the region and the whole world, including the security of the Republic of Tajikistan. Everyone should fight against extremism. An extremist is a person who engages in self-serving acts of stubbornness and extremism. These actions and manifestations can occur in all spheres of human activity - in religion, politics, ideology, science and even in sports. Special foreign organizations in the region have an interest in propagating extremist ideas, and they promote and publish these ideas among young people. Now the terrorist groups known as TTE HNI, "Islamic state", "Hizb-ut-Tahrir", "Hizbulloh", "Alqoida" and the like are active to fulfill their political ambitions. The main goal of these terrorist groups is to achieve political and economic ambitions. In particular, for obtaining oil and gas processing points and other underground resources, behind which there are very large hammers.

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Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

16.08.2023 1191