There are different points of view of a healthy lifestyle. On the one hand, a healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle of a person aimed at preventing diseases and improving health. This is a complex concept that includes many components. This includes all spheres of human existence - from nutrition to emotional mood. This is a way of life, aimed at completely changing the old habits regarding food, physical activity and rest. On the other hand, a healthy lifestyle is seen as a concept of human life, aimed at improving and maintaining health through appropriate nutrition, physical fitness, morale and the rejection of bad habits. A healthy lifestyle is studied in sociological science, with the help of such disciplines as the sociology of health and medicine, the sociology of everyday life, the sociology of sports, the sociology of the body, etc.

Of particular importance at the present stage is the problem of health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle of student youth. The importance of forming a healthy lifestyle for students is explained by the fact that the social well-being and performance of future specialists who are called upon to contribute to the development of their country depend on the physical and mental health of students. Education in an educational institution is a complex and lengthy process, which is characterized by certain features and makes demands on a stable and flexible psychological state, physiological functions, this is especially important in the first year of entering an educational institution. In the process of learning, the perception and life stereotypes of young people change. Therefore, the physical and moral health of young people depends on the comfort of the environment in an educational institution and within it.

Possession of the basics of a healthy lifestyle is the main value of the younger generation and requires not only study, but also the assimilation of a certain amount of knowledge and skills acquired during socialization in an educational institution. Certain knowledge in the field of a healthy lifestyle implies a certain attitude, motivation and readiness for his physical and mental health. The problems associated with the health and physical development of students, which further adversely affect their health status, have been studied very little. Nowadays, studying at the university often does not have a beneficial effect on the health of student youth. Firstly, there are a number of aggravating factors, for example, educational ones, associated with lifestyle changes in the first year of study.

It is also customary to attribute university risk factors to huge teaching loads in the educational process, the lack of orderly work at the university to motivate, promote and form a value orientation towards a healthy lifestyle. The influence of all these factors negatively affects the health and physical condition of students. Moreover, there is a decrease in the adaptive capacity of the body, which often leads to the development of chronic diseases. Of the large number of risk factors leading to chronic diseases, especially among students, there are such as bad habits (smoking and drinking), as well as insufficient and low awareness of students about a healthy lifestyle. Among the criteria for students' adaptation to learning conditions, which does not harm their health, there are indicators of health, physical development, mental performance, performance, depending on various motor modes.

Thus, the formation of a healthy lifestyle of young people should be not only one of the priorities of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikistan, but also an educational institution. Only by joint efforts can we form a culture of responsible attitude of students to their health, increase the proportion of young people leading a healthy lifestyle, organize systematic physical education and sports, reduce the prevalence of tobacco and alcohol consumption, popularize the culture of healthy eating.

Teachers of the Foreign Languages Department: 

Mananova P.I., Kayumova M.A., Rajabov R.R.

07.05.2022 335