Flag Day of the Republic of Tajikistan

Flag Day of the Republic of Tajikistan

The reports of clinical residents on the Flag Day of the Republic of Tajikistan were listened to at the Department of Dermatovenerology.

One of the symbols of the state is the flag. At the historical XVI session of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Tajikistan on November 24, 1992 the flag of the Republic of Tajikistan was approved. The flag is a symbol of independence of the state. Throughout the century-long history of the Tajik people flags have changed, but all of them depicted signs of freedom and priority directions of their development. With the development of wireless networks on the Internet you can see various surveys including those concerning the flags of different states. They choose "beautiful", "ugly", "strange", "complicated", "young", "similar to each other", etc. There are also contests of identifying a country by its flag. The latter is undoubtedly a more significant event that develops erudition, especially among the younger generation.

The modern flag of Tajikistan is a rectangular cloth with horizontal stripes of red (upper stripe), white (middle stripe) and green (lower stripe) colors in a certain proportion. On the white stripe there is a stylized crown of a semicircle of 7 stars above it in gold. The Code of Laws of the Republic describes where flags must be, the procedure for making flags, and also stipulates the responsibility of persons for desecration of state attributes.

Tajikistanis leaving for any part of the world often take the flag with them as a part of their state, as a proof of their unselfish love for the Motherland, as a sign of support for the Government and aspiration for the best. We are always proud when we see our flag raised to the music of our anthem. At such moments, one can often hold back tears of joy and pride that our peaceful, beautiful Tajikistan is independent and recognized by all countries of the world!

Head of the department of dermatovenerology – d.m.s., associate professor Mukhamadieva K.M., c.m.s., Ismatulloeva S.S.


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