FIRST BELL! Today in Tajikistan, more than 260,000 children go to school as first graders

FIRST BELL! Today in Tajikistan, more than 260,000 children go to school as first graders

Today, the first bell for the first grades ring in all general educational institutions of the country. And this year, many children will go to school for the first time and start their first lesson - Peace Lesson - with a speech by the President of the Republic of Tajikistan His excellency Emomali Rahmon.

The Founder of peace and national unity, Leader of the nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Honorable Emomali Rahmon stated in one of his speeches that "the Day of Knowledge and Peace Lesson is the best opportunity we have. In the increasingly complex and confusing situation of the modern world, emphasize the role of peace, stability and national unity. We emphasize the strengthening of the foundations of national statehood and the progress of the state and society. We engage the country."

It should be noted that science and knowledge have always been considered as a source of light, success and happiness through which man reaches the pinnacle of his dreams and goals.

That is why today's adolescents and young people need to utilize the available conditions and opportunities to learn science and knowledge and play a harmonious role in the development of society as business professionals.

Because our society has created conditions for young people to study science, hundreds of educational institutions have been built. In recent years, a number of textbooks have also been published, which has created a good opportunity for the study of science and knowledge. Adolescents and young people should seize all opportunities, turn to science and knowledge, learn languages and keep abreast of modern technology. They should continue the good traditions of their ancestors, preserve and revitalize our national culture, be worthy of the trust of the nation and the state, and make patriotism the main meaning of their lives.

NIAT “Khovar”


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

01.09.2023 1025