Family is the basis of society

Family is the basis of society

An open lesson on the theme "Family is the basis of society" was conducted on May 14th , 2022 at the department of pediatrics teaching by the senior teacher of the department and supervisor of 2nd group, 3rd year of Pediatrics faculty, Hodjaeva O.T., with participation of the staff of the department and 3rd year students of Medical and Pediatrics faculty (groups 1, 2 and 68). The report was made by the students of the 2nd group of pediatric faculty Davronov Hasan and Almatova Malika.

One of the most important components of society is the family, that is, the family is the basic unit of society. Through marriage a person not only achieves happiness, but mostly all the difficulties and hardships of life begin after marriage, because after marriage a person begins to bring up the younger generation, and this is one of the most important tasks of mankind. The upbringing and education of children is the duty of parents to society, and the happiness of the individual depends on it, of course, this is what every young person strives for.

The head of state emphasized that "the issue of family upbringing, increasing the responsibility of parents in raising children for independent life and family stability is one of the issues that require the constant attention of all government agencies, educational institutions and all members of society. At the heart of the strength and stability of the family is love, because only sincere love can strengthen the family and overcome all difficulties. Love helps people get to know each other better. If there is love in the family, the husband and wife will be able to accept each other's needs and understand each other better. Children who grow up in such a family can have a good reputation and a decent life in the future.

Living with confidence is key in life because trust and confidence are the root of faithfulness, and the family draws water from that root, green and growing. Distrust and insecurity destroy the love of home and the purity of home. A family based on love is a happy family. In the field of the heart where love is nurtured, the flower of faithfulness, fortitude, perseverance, and good human virtues should bloom. In such families, children grow up to be happy, hardworking, and loving people. The love that couples give to their children will be passed on to future generations.

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Translated: Ismoilov R.

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