Language is as old as consciousness. As far as it was necessary, the development of labor and the close union of community members helped: thanks to this, people understood each other better than before and began to work together. People had something to say to each other. Along with the sounds uttered in this or that situation, corresponding objects and actions appeared in the brain, and then the ideal phenomena of consciousness.

The essence of language is manifested in the fulfillment of two interrelated functions: the function of a means of communication and the function of an instrument of thinking. Speech is an activity, a process of communication, exchange of ideas, feelings, dreams, goals and intentions, etc., taking place with the help of language. Language is a system of important forms of content. Thoughts and feelings of different people through language perceive the world not only with their senses, and they think not only with their brains, but with the senses and brains of all the people who have experienced them through language. The exchange of thoughts and emotions through language consists of two closely related processes: the speaker or writer expresses his thoughts (and all the richness of the spiritual world of man) and the listener or reciter understands these thoughts and feelings. A person can express himself in different ways. For example, thoughts and feelings of a composer are expressed in musical sounds, thoughts and feelings of an artist are expressed in pictures and colors, thoughts and feelings of a sculptor are expressed in forms and sculptures, thoughts and feelings of an artist of a designer are expressed in plans, thoughts and feelings of a mathematician are expressed in geometrical formulas and figures, etc. Even if thought is expressed by any means, it is ultimately expressed in language and speech, which is a universal tool among all the systems used by man and plays an important role.

The closeness of thought and language, their kinship, means that thought is expressed in language in an adequate (or close to adequate) way. Thought is clear in content, clear in form and subject in clear and coherent speech. "If everyone's thoughts are clear, his speech is also clear," tradition says. People's thoughts are transmitted all over the globe by means of language, written speech and passed on from generation to generation.


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