The subject of conversations nowadays has been the unmanly behavior of some disobedient and immoral young men in Germany during the visit of the leader of the nation to that country. All those who have a small background in science, politics, religion and ethics condemn their behavior as a display of uncultivation, extreme actions and an affront to religious and national culture. Indeed, when we try to evaluate their behavior, one wonders why they are away from their homeland and ties today? Do they not care for their wives, children and relatives? Do they have no love for their homeland? Of course they do. But ignorance, shortsightedness, irresponsibility and extreme stupidity have led them to such desolation, away from their homeland.

The same ignorance and unclean lack of knowledge of them and their compatriots once became a burden for the noble Tajik people. It was because of their shortsightedness that the cultured and far-sighted Tajik people were dragged into the maelstrom of brother against brother war. But unfortunately, if the glue becomes contaminated, it will not be easy to remove it. Ambition and malice did not appease this desire.

When the leader of the nation completed his official visit to Germany, the bad phenomenon was again happened. These young people, with their foolish and extremist actions think that they are politicians and follow democratic principles. But unfortunately, wise people judge them differently. None of their behavior correspond to the political figure and follower of democratic principles. On the contrary, they have presented themselves to the world with ignorance, uncultivation and extreme thoughts and actions. They like to speak in the name of Islam. Is their behavior consistent with the Qur’an commandment, "Thus, whoever hopes to meet his Lord, let him do as he pleases, and not join him in the worship of his Lord" (Kakhf, 18-110)? Do their courageous and extreme behavior meet the requirements of any ayats of Qur'an? Why do these individuals talk a lot about Islam but do not fulfill even the slightest of its requirements? Moreover, do they not tarnish both the religion of Islam and the nation with their behavior?

By that behavior they must have presented themselves, who are they? With this behavior they showed, first of all, their religious culture, and secondly, unfortunately, their national culture. In other words, they defamed the Tajik people as well. Finally, by this behavior they showed their extreme secrecy.

Abdukhalilzoda K.A.- Candidate of Philological Sciences

associate professor at the department of social sciences


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

10.10.2023 738