Today, extremism has become a great global threat and has brought tragic and lasting social, political and moral consequences, and this phenomenon is a huge threat to the security of the globe. Considering the current reality and with a view to ensuring stable security to avoid the growing risks of terrorism and extremism and other threats of our time, the Republic of Tajikistan has repeatedly expressed its readiness to strengthen cooperation with international and regional organizations and partners of the country.

Tajikistan's initiatives to address security issues, including combating terrorism, extremism and illicit drug trafficking at the national, regional and international levels have been supported by many countries of the world, and our country's role in combating this danger is unprecedented in our time. As head of the State his excellency Emomali Rahmon, the Founder of peace and national unity and leader of the nation, has repeatedly stated at national, regional and international events, "terrorists and extremists have no homeland, no nationality and no religion”.

The Republic of Tajikistan constantly strives to counter risks and threats to security by taking appropriate measures at the national and regional levels, and plays an effective role in this direction by offering important and timely initiatives. Being aware of the danger of international terrorism, extremism and extremism to society, the Republic of Tajikistan resolutely opposes these undesirable phenomena in all their manifestations and advocates joining efforts of the international community at the global, regional and national levels. In this regard, the adoption of a number of United Nations Strategies, Conventions and Resolutions, including the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, UN Security Council Resolutions, as well as the UN Counter-Terrorism Conventions form the basis of a joint fight against terrorism and extremism. The Republic of Tajikistan supports the UN Security Council Resolutions, the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and widely cooperates with the specialized institutions of this authoritative international organization, including the Counter-Terrorism Committee and the UN International Counter-Terrorism Center. It is worth noting that the Republic of Tajikistan supports the proposal of the UN Secretary-General to create a new Office in this organization - the UN Counter-Terrorism Office, which began its work on 15 June 2017 after the adoption of the relevant UN resolution. General Assembly and strengthened cooperation in this direction.

It should be noted that given the increasing threat of terrorism and extremism in the world and in order to implement the Joint Action Plan of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, the National Strategy of the Republic of Tajikistan on countering terrorism and extremism for 2016-2020 was adopted in 2016, whose main goal is to conduct a set of activities aimed at preventing and detecting crimes related to terrorism and extremism. The Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and other relevant UN documents form the basis of joint efforts of the countries of the world. Consistent implementation of these instruments at the national, regional and international levels is considered in the interest of all humanity.

The implementation of timely measures and continuous efforts of the countries of the world to irreconcilable fight against terrorism and extremism will make it possible to gradually take firm steps in this direction to ensure stable security in the countries that manifest this danger of our time.

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