Extremism and terrorism are negative societal phenomena

Extremism and terrorism are negative societal phenomena

In our time, full of contradictions, problems, disagreements and controversies, many people talk and write about the growth and spread of extremism, fundamentalism, terrorism and other undesirable and dangerous phenomena. What is the real meaning of "extremism" and what is this phenomenon?

Extremism - (derived from the French word "extremism" and the Latin "extremus"), its original meaning is extremism, extreme thoughts and actions, exceeding the norm, exceeding the measure.

An extremist is a person who is a supporter of extreme actions. These actions and manifestations can occur in all spheres of human activity - in religion, politics, ideology, science and even sports. Thanks to the wise policy of the Founder of peace and national unity, Leader of the nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, peace among Tajiks was restored and our state was saved from the danger of destruction. However, even nowadays there are organizations, parties and movements that want to implement their ideas and goals by any means and violent actions.

Extremism and terrorism are negative societal manifestations of modern world, and it is the duty of every person to fight against them. Therefore, young people should constantly pay more attention to the study of science and knowledge, sports competitions, all kinds of events, various competitions, love the motherland and pay tribute to national values, refrain from undesirable actions. Present a healthy lifestyle. Engage more in the study of foreign languages and exact subjects. To increase their legal knowledge, including Internet skills, expand worldview. To clean up the environment through joint efforts. As the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Leader of the nation, the Honorable Emomali Rahmon noted: "Considering the current reality and in order to ensure stable security to avoid the growing dangers of terrorism and extremism and other threats of the modern era, we are ready to strengthen broad cooperation with international and regional organizations and partner countries"

We - young people, should be followers of Leader of the nation and follow all laws and strategies of the republic to counter extremism and terrorism.


Hilolova Mahbuba Hilolovna, assistant of the department of pharmacology

translated Ismoilov R.

12.06.2024 2239