Extremism and terrorism among youth

Extremism and terrorism among youth

The noble people of the country have tasted the fruits of the sovereign after thousands of years. Peace is the basis of any country's prosperity and the source of happiness for all classes of people. Knowledge is the source of grace and perfection for man and makes man perfect. In many cases it is observed that young people take advantage of weekends and engage in some useless or harmful activity. The reason young people join undesirable parties and movements is ignorance of the historical destiny of their people, ignorance and ungratefulness to their spiritual and cultural heritage, alienation and underestimation of the value of the achievements of national independence.

As the Founder of peace and national unity - the Leader of the nation, the President of the country his excellency Emomali Rahmon, emphasized: “Dear youth! The future of Tajikistan is in your hands, let us to prove the world that the Tajik people are peace-loving and patriotic people, and to try forever to preserve the independence of our people and not lose their political acumen”, they must take responsibility for the fate of the state and the nation on their shoulders, they must always lead our people in unity and constructive, and keep the independence of our dear country as the apple of the eye. To prevent and eliminate the risk of extremism, a number of factors must first be scientifically examined and diagnosed and eliminated. Preventing young people from joining extremist and terrorist movements has become the sole objective of the international community today. Terrorism and extremism are now one of the important issues of concern to the international community and our republic.

Terrorism and extremism are some of the undesirable phenomena in modern times, because these phenomena lead to unpleasant consequences - the threat or use of violence, infliction of serious moral and physical harm, infringement on public life, lawlessness, change in the constitutional order of the country, usurpation of power and usurpation of its authority ignites national, social and religious conflict. Terrorism, especially in recent decades, has left behind many devastating consequences and human casualties and has become an obstacle to the formation of a peaceful human society. In particular, independent Tajikistan, as a member of the international community, is not indifferent to this hateful event for society. Our government thinks about this issue every day, has put it first and made it the main focus of its activities. Under present conditions it is the duty of every patriot, patriot, people's lover, especially the youth, who are considered to be the main driving force of the society, not to obey the teachings of selfish groups attacking the religion of Islam. with terrorism and present extremism as a defense factor of Islam. abstain, because by joining such radical terrorist parties and movements they take lives and cause destruction of thousands of lives of other people. Every citizen of society should strive to protect the independence and integrity of the country. Because young people are the future of the nation.



Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

12.12.2023 1254