Every person's life begins with family

Every person's life begins with family

Family rehulation: It is a healthy mother, a healthy child, a healthy family, a healthy society and a healthy nation.

Issues of protecting the health of mothers and children, raising healthy generation and ensuring their good future should always be in the first place.

Emomali Rahmon

World family day, declared in 1993 by decision of the UN General Assembly, is celebrated annually on May 15. It has been 31 years since this date was celebrated at the world level to draw the attention of the international community to the growing problems of the family and the family.

The family has always occupied a high place in the culture of the ancient Tajik people, because it is in the family that the best human values such as love and fidelity, sincerity and loyalty, mutual understanding and tolerance are formed.

Considering all these the Founder of peace and national unity - Leader of the nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan His excellency Emomali Rahmon declared 2015 the "Family year      ".

Family is the oldest structure in the world and plays an important role in human society. Family is the best structure for children to grow up. Yes, a person with knowledge, literate, pure mind has a fruitful, happy and free life.

Family conflict mostly begins in an unhealthy family with a trivial cause, quarrels between husband and wife, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, disobedient children, immorality and mutual misunderstanding. Quarrels, reprimands, fights cause the cup of patience of men and women to overflow. All these undesirable events take place before the eyes of underage children, which negatively affects their moral upbringing. If we want to create a healthy family in society, we should pay great attention to this issue, starting from kindergartens, primary and secondary institutions, and higher professional institutions. In institutions, we must make proper use of teaching and learning time.

Life insistently requires us to prepare children for home schooling and independent life in order to avoid undesirable events. All our victories and defeats are related to the family. The life of every person begins with the family.


Firuzova Farzona Firuzovna,

Assistant of the department of children’s diseases №2

Translated Ismoilov R.

17.05.2024 1059