Dushanbe city, in addition being the administrative, political, economic and cultural center of the state, is also a real tourist and entertainment city. Dushanbe city has made significant progress in the implementation of comprehensive plans and goals, construction and development has become a constant slogan, and it is being realized with a new vision and taste for beauty by the leadership, entrepreneurs and respected residents of the city. The last few years are considered a momentous stage of strengthening the foundations of municipal and urban development, years of tireless efforts and important achievements of political, economic, social and cultural life of Dushanbe city.

Today, the external relations of Dushanbe city are strengthened through the key element of the country's foreign policy - the policy of "Open Doors", as well as cooperation and mutually beneficial relations of Dushanbe city with the leading cities of the region and established world, international and regional organizations and influential financial institutions. In recent years, the city of Dushanbe has established twinning relations with the cities of Qingdao of the People's Republic of China, Astana of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Baku of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ashgabat of Turkmenistan and Islamabad of the Islamic Republic. Pakistan, and an opportunity has been created to expand friendly relations that meet mutual interests. In 2018, Dushanbe city, as a member of the World Federation of Tourist Cities, was ranked among the top ten safest cities in the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States, according to surveys by the Tourstat Information Agency of the Russian Federation. States ranked among the top ten best cities for traveling and night travel, and was considered a suitable city for tourism in the spring. Dushanbe city has been declared the tourism capital of the member states of the Economic Cooperation Organization for 2020-2021 and the cultural capital of the Commonwealth of Independent States for 2021. On the initiative of Rustami Emomali - chairman of Dushanbe city, to promote the development of economic, trade, industrial, tourism and investment opportunities, as well as strengthening twinning ties, to intensify the process of attracting foreign investment. To develop and ensure the popularization of sports in the capital of the country, various cultural, entertainment, mass and sports programs are organized annually, such as the international festivals "Navruzi Dushanbe", "Obi Dushanbe", "Blossom to the Capital", international forums "Navruzi Dushanbe - the axis of cultural and tourist ties", "Dushanbe - the city of opportunities for children's development" and other high-level sports events and competitions are held, in which many domestic and foreign residents and guests take part. All these ever-increasing events and developments take place precisely because of state independence, national unity, universal peace, security and stability as the basis and source of all significant progress and achievements in various fields of the municipality, increasing people's hope for a bright future. independent state more than ever.

Dushanbe city - capital of the country, is the mirror of the state and the nation, and its preservation and presentation to the world is the responsibility of employees of state bodies and civil society institutions, and every patriotic citizen of the country.

Valiev Davlatyor


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov


23.10.2023 1117