Donating can save someone's life

Donating can save someone's life

In the Republic of Tajikistan, any capable citizen from 18 to 65 years old who passed a medical examination, which did not reveal the presence of diseases in his body, contraindicated to donorship can be a donor of blood.

The Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On Donation of Blood and its Components" (2009, № 3, Art. 96) regulates relations related to the development of donation of blood and its components in the Republic of Tajikistan and also ensures the implementation of social, economic, legal and medical measures to organize the donor movement and protect donors' rights. Article 1: Principles of the donation of blood and its components.

The basic principles of blood and components donation are:

- humanity;

- volunteerism;

- gratuitous;;

- harmlessness of the donation function for a human being;

- safety of using donor blood and its components.

According to experts, blood donation is useful. It prevents vascular diseases, coronary heart disease, stroke, and strengthens the immune system. Most importantly, it saves someone's life.

Today, June 3rd , 2022, realizing the importance and necessity of blood donation, the staff of "ATSMU", with a high sense of responsibility gave blood. Blood transfusions and blood products save millions of human lives every year. Donating blood means helping other people and saving their lives.

It should be noted that since 2005, on the initiative of the World Health Organization, June 14th has been declared World Blood Donor Day. This international organization aims to raise awareness worldwide about the need for safe blood and the importance of voluntary blood donation.


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