Independence as a fundamental pillar of human freedom and the basic essence of Tajik life and national identity was achieved in 1991, and today, thanks to it, Tajik people have gained a new status and position on the world stage.

State independence is one of the achievements of the proud Tajik people, in which the millennia-old dreams of this ancient nation were revealed. By gaining independence, our proud people have achieved those victories that were not achieved during 70 years of rule of the superpower Soviet state.

In the 32nd prosperous and successful spring of the country under the leadership of great Leader Honorable Emomali Rahmon our country has made significant achievements not only in the field of health care, but also in other spheres, including education, defense, economy, culture, etc. Since the first days of independence, the country has been undergoing a complete reform of the health sector and its structure. As part of the reform of health care, a number of normative and legal acts in this sphere have been developed and approved, financing from the state budget has been increasing every year, and the infrastructure of the medical sphere has been repeatedly developed.

Medical scientists, who have achieved many achievements during the years of independence, have made a great contribution to the development of Tajik medical science and introduction of scientific works into practice.

If we look at statistical analysis, in 1991, when we gained state independence, there were only 2,862 health care institutions in our country. Now, with the full support of the Founder of peace and national unity - the Leader of the nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Honorable Emomali Rahmon this number has almost doubled in 32 years.

We can confidently say that for 32 years of independence the health care sector of the country has achieved significant successes, and the level and quality of patient care has significantly increased compared to previous years.


Ghanizoda V.A. – c.b.s., assistant of the department of biochemistry

translated Ismoilov R.

27.05.2024 1683