Department of Childhood Illnesses №2

Department of Childhood Illnesses №2

Clinical conference on:Hepatic encephalopathy

Reporter: Pediatric internist MuniraiH.

Supervisor: associate professor Khodjaeva N.N.

Participants:Associate professor c.m.s. Khodjaeva N.N., staff of the chair, doctors, first and second year clinical residents, interns and students.

Hepatic encephalopathy is a brain disorder that occurs in people with severe liver disease when toxic substances normally removed by the liver accumulate in the blood and enter the brain.


To understand modern ideas about the causes, mechanisms, main clinical and paraclinical markers of hepatic encephalopathy.

What is new:

1) A modern method of introducing lectures was used, where the focus was not on the lecturer, but on the students.

2) New data are presented regarding the diagnosis and classification ofhepatic encephalopathy.

3) The data were voiced based on the practice and conduct of patients.

Associate professor c.m.s. Khojaeva N.N.

14.01.2022 348