Department of Childhood Illnesses №2

Department of Childhood Illnesses №2

Clinical conference on:Neonatal asphyxia. Steps of ABCD resuscitation.

Reporter: Pediatric internist Sultonbekov N.S.

Supervisor: associate professor Khodjaeva N.N.

Participants: the head of children diseases chair № 2, associate professor c.m.s. Davlatova S.N., associate professor c.m.s. Khodjaeva N.N., staff of the chair, doctors, first and second year clinical residents, interns and students.


1) To acquaint students with etiology, pathogenesis, clinic, diagnosis and consequences of asphyxia.

2) Comparison of old and new literature on the concept of asphyxia.

3) To familiarize students with the organization and principles of resuscitation care for newborns in the delivery room.

4) To familiarize students with the algorithm and steps of ABCD resuscitation.

What is new:

1) A modern method of introducing the lecture was used, where the focus was on the students, not the lecturer.

2) New data regarding diagnosis and classification of asphyxia was presented.

3) Detailed information about step D was given.

                                                                                         Associate professor c.m.s. Khojaeva N.N.

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