Today, on 17.04.2023 the Vice-Rector of the Avicenna Tajik State Medical University on educational and methodical work, d.m.s., professor Ibodzoda Saidmuqim Tillokhuja and d.m.s., professor Abdurahmonov Fozil Abdurahmonovich were awarded by the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan after Academician E.N.Pavlovski in the field of biological and agricultural sciences for a number of works and scientific research in the field of anatomy.

It should be noted that the sphere of health care is one of the priority areas of social policy of the Tajik state, and social protection and health care are important issues, which are always in the focus of attention of the state leadership and the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. State independence has provided an opportunity for the true heirs of Shaikhurrais and Beruniv Farobi to achieve significant achievements in various spheres of public life, especially in medical science, and to gain a worthy status among world-class scientists. The reconstruction of medical education, improvement of the scientific and practical level of medical personnel and the scientific outlook of specialists largely depends on teachers, scientists and researchers in the field of medicine and the quality of medical research work.

The cycle of research works by professors Ibodzoda Saidmuqim Tillokhuja, and Abdurahmonov Fazil Abdurahmonovich, which is aimed at studying the anatomy of human age, promotes the mastery of complex and fundamental medical and biological subjects, serves as a linking chain of practical and theoretical medicine. The health of the body and the way of life of a person depends on the structure of the body, the normal functioning of tissues and organs, the patterns of its development, development and growth. The study of age-specific features of human body structure and its main systems, including heart, blood and lymphatic vessels, blood and immunity system, central system and other vital organs at different growth periods in newborns and children of different ages compared to the body of adults, even at the most advanced educational level of the world is scarce. Such deficiencies will not affect the treatment of patients of different ages in the future.

Ibodzoda Saidmuqim Tillokhoja is a scientist, researcher and true heir to the famous Sino, in connection with the thoughts and writings of his co-author Abdurahmonov Fozil Abdurahmonovich, will proudly and heroically continue his research duties for the purpose of developing the science of Tajik medicine, discovering and offering favorable diagnostic and treatment solutions to future specialists.


Valiev Davlatyor

journalist of the rector’s Service


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

17.04.2023 590