According to the implementation of paragraph 14 of the Decree of the Chairman of the city of Dushanbe dated December 30, 2022, №719 of the Work Plan of the Executive Power of the City of Dushanbe for 2023 to hold a "Mother's Day" at a high level, popularize and develop sports, in particular, the sports game of volleyball among women, from of 4-19 March, 2023, open competitions in professional and non-professional volleyball were held among women and girls of ministries, departments, organizations and institutions for the victory for the "Cup of the Mayor of Dushanbe", dedicated to "Mother's Day".

Women's volleyball team, non-professionals, from among the assistants of the State Educational Institution "TSMU named after Abuali ibni Sino" for the first time took part in sports competitions with other women's teams of various institutions and departments in Dushanbe. And in the game for the semi-finals, our team fought desperately, beating all the teams and reached the semi-finals. Unfortunately, we did not reach the finals, but this is not the most important thing, it was such a serious game! Such sports intensity and excitement! Our girls had incredible reaction, coordination and jumping ability, despite the fact that they are non-professionals. Personally, I was bursting with pride from our women, girls, from their willpower and desire to win.

And of course, our team received a Diploma from the mayor's office of Dushanbe for active participation in sports non-professional volleyball competitions.

Command structure:

Team Captain - Assistant of the Department of Physical Culture Aslamova Mavlyuda, Assistant of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology named after professor Iskhaki Yu.B., Doctor PhD Adylova Farzona, Assistant of the Department of Internal Medicine, Ph.D. Mirzokarimova Nasiba, doctor of the TDC TSMU Nasirova Parvina, assistant of the Department of Family Medicine Ayubova Dilafruz, assistant of the Department of Normal Physiology, Deputy Dean of the Presidential scholarship Abdusamadova Muhabbat, clinical intern of the Department of pathological anatomy Zulaikho Turdykulova.

On May 18, 2023, in honor of the "Youth Day", our women's team received a Cup and a Diploma for active participation and victory in the internal sports competitions of the university and for active participation in sports competitions between city institutions.

Our women's volleyball team of TSMU has a fighting spirit and, I'm sure, they will still show a beautiful team game! Volleyball game!

Chairman of the Council of Women and Girls of SEI TSMU, d.m.s Usmanova G.M.

25.05.2023 1701