Congenital heart defects

Congenital heart defects

A scientific conference on the topic "Congenital heart defects" was held at the Department of Childhood Diseases №2.

The conference was attended by the head of the Department of Children's Diseases No. 2, Associate Professor, c.m.s Davlatova S.N., Associate Professor, c.m.s Khodjaeva N.N., staff of the department, doctors, clinical residents of the first and second courses, interns and students.

Initially, Associate Professor of the Department c.m.s.. Khodjaeva N.N., began by noting the importance of correct diagnosis of CHD and explained diagnostic methods of CHD.

Doctor intern - pediatrician Abdizoda Sh. made a presentation on the topic "Congenital heart defects".

Davlatova S.N associate professor cm.s. – head of the department

Khodjaeva N.N. associate professor c.m.s.  – Responsible of the department for  interns and residents.

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