Collective clean-up day was held at the ATSMU and SI” “Sadriddin Aini cultural-entertainment park”

Collective clean-up day was held at the ATSMU and SI”  “Sadriddin Aini  cultural-entertainment park”

Today, September 17th, 2022, was held collective gathering in order to keep clean in all its structural units with the participation of employees, teachers and students. On Saturday, the participants cleaned the interior, courtyard, gardens and surroundings of the administrative and educational buildings, the educational complex of the town "Shifobakhsh", the newly built administrative and educational building and its garden, the educational, scientific and clinical center "Dentistry", the main building, the diagnostic and therapeutic, educational, scientific and production center "Pharmacy", dormitories and other structural units of the University located in Sino and Ismaili Somoni districts of Dushanbe, as well as arranging trees, bushes and flowers and cleaning the dried and fallen leaves of the trees, the corridors adjacent to the University, the surroundings high-rise residential buildings of citizens and cleaning and removal of waste from waterways contributed.

Also, in order to fulfill the instructions of the chef of the Office of the head of the Ismaili Somoni district to ensure the with the participation of more than 100 teachers and students and with the provision in order to held a district-wide clean up day at the State Institution "Cultural-Recreational Park named after Sadriddin Aini" September 17th , 2022, at 7:00 a.m. official letter dated 16.09.2022, No. 6-115).

Cleanliness, prosperity and creativity, making the environment beautiful and pleasant, enlivening and enriching nature are useful for ensuring a healthy life, and these actions are the product of human hands. A person who cleans the environment, household items, residence, workplace and street, and gives way to its protection and purity. A clean environment is a guarantee of the health of every person. In fact, cleanliness is a guarantee of people's health, and it is necessary for each person to treat nature with care, keep the environment always clean and tidy, and contribute to the protection of his and others' health.

 Valiev Davlatyor

Rector’s Service journalist


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

17.09.2022 1037