On May 16, 2024 at the dormitory № 7 of the SEI “Avicenna Tajik State Medical University” was held a cultural and entertainment event. The event was participated by head of the University girls and women’s Council c.m.s., Amonova S.B., Murodov Sh.D., c.m.s., head of the educational department, assistants of the social sciences departments c.ph.s., Faizulloev Gh.F., senior lecturer of the department Ibrohimov H.Q., and students of various groups. Participants spoke about the essence and sustainability of the family in the development of society and stated that the family is the survival of the state and society, and from it originates the sub-table and the foundation of the upbringing of the younger generation. One of the urgent issues of modern society is the creation of a healthy family and society and the upbringing of the future generation, on the correct solution of which depends on the way of life and development of the individual and the development of society.

The family is recognized as a sacred institution in the culture of the ancient Tajik people, as the best human values such as love and fidelity, sincerity and loyalty, mutual understanding and tolerance are formed in the family.

It is in the family that a person's life begins, and it is there that a person learns love, respect, joy and kindness. In the family everyone learns to communicate and get acquainted with the outside world, from the family also comes the recognition of traditions and their transmission from generation to generation. Therefore, the family is recognized as a sacred institution in the culture of the ancient Tajik people. Leader of the nation His excellency Emomali Rahmon has declared 2015 as “Year of the family”, as the family is always considered the highest value of society.

The family, as the basic element of society, is always the keeper of universal values, culture, historical continuity of generations and a strong factor of development. It is thanks to the family that the state strengthens and develops, and the welfare of the people increases. At all times the progress of the country has been evaluated depending on the status of the family in society and the attitude towards it.

The cultural program prepared by the students gave a new luster to the club.

translated Ismoilov R.

18.05.2024 1246