Books are the source of science and knowledge

Books are the source of science and knowledge

       April 25, 2023 a senior lecturer of the department, curator of the 3rd group of Pediatric Faculty Kadirova M.R. held an open lesson on the theme: "The book is a source of science and knowledge" with the participation of employees of the department and students 3rd yeae, 7 group. The students of these groups, Negmatova Fariza and Abdulhamidov Shohrukh made a very informative presentation to everybody.

    A book is a source of science and knowledge, a source of the river of mind, the filling of the national culture, the foundation of civilization of the civilized world, especially the mirror of life and the key to the treasury of words.

A book gives man the best secrets, necessary and life-giving information. A book is man's best helper and advisor; it teaches new people about life, work, activity, knowledge, and questions. Through a book a person can learn about the literature, culture, politics, economy of many countries and travel the world in terms of thought.

     The history of the emergence of the book is related to the emergence of writing and language and art. After the advent of writing, ancient people had the opportunity to create and write on stone, wood, pottery, leaves of trees, bones, animal skins. In short, over time, the invention of paper resulted in a new style of librarianship. Paper was now widely used instead of stone and wood. A book was basically a set of bound pages, a means of publishing and storing information, ideas, images, and knowledge. The first manuscripts found in ancient Egypt date back to the millennium B.C.

   In Europe, too, book printing moved from single sheets, then to parchment and finally to paper. The book Avesta was originally written on cowhide. During the Middle Ages the art of calligraphy was highly developed in Asia. The works of the thinkers Abu Rayhan Beruni, Farabi, Ibn Sina. Saadi, Jami, and Nawai were written by calligraphers and handed down from generation to generation. Fortunately, ceramic and stone books and roles on wooden surfaces have survived to our time and are now the decoration of the world's most prestigious museums.

In particular, the rule of the Somonians created favorable conditions for the development and maturity of speech and pineapple. During the Somoni period, Bukhara had a large state library called "The Treasure House of Wisdom". Fortunately, today the doors of the Firdavsi National Library are open to all those in need.

   The Tajik people are among those peoples who have a special respect and faith for books and librarianship. The number of book-lovers and book-loving people in our native country is now increasing. Last year, on behalf of the Founder of peace and national unity - the Leader of the nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Honorable Emomali Rahmon, a contest "Source of wisdom..." was organized and held, which again focused the attention of the population on reading.


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Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

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