Biochemistry sector activities in 2021

Biochemistry sector activities in 2021

The biochemical-clinical laboratory is equipped with all equipment for clinical and biochemical studies, including a STAT FAX instrument with a program of 33 types of analysis data, a hemoanalyzer for 14 blood parameters. Materials and reagents will be available in time for conducting a diagnosis. There are having activity 6 employees in this department: Samandarzoda N.Yu. (Ph.D., associate professor, researcher) - head of department, Makhkamova B. Chas. (Ph.D., researcher), Bekmurodov R. I. (junior scientist), Kholikova O. Yu., (junior scientist), Samandarov A. Yu, (junior scientist), Nurova R.J., (senior researcher).

During 2021, there were conducted 5,006 clinical analysis to summarize the research-scientific works and practical lessons for the audience of advanced training courses and " medical analyst "- primary specialization.

In order to study the inflammatory and hepatoprotective properties of some substances, were conducted analyses jointly with the departments of pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry and toxicology, biochemistry, pathological physiology, dermatovenerology and the university diagnostic and treatment Center.

Over the year, there were conducted 26120 biochemical studies in order to summarize the scientific- research work of the experimental pharmacology department and the departments of pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry and toxicology, biochemistry and pathological physiology, including: diagnosis of total protein, bilirubin, urea, creatinine, potassium, calcium, albumin, amylase, catalase, ALAT and ASAT ferments, glucose, glycated hemoglobin, blood lipid acidity POL and free radicals SOD, MDA, blood clotting system and its determination and all microelements, general blood analysis, urine and other diagnoses.

These analyses were conducted in order to summarize the experimental works of graduate students, postgraduate students and projects of the pharmacology departments, pharmaceutical chemistry and toxicology, pathological physiology and Central Scientific-Research Laboratory.

According the received results there were published 12 articles, 27 abstracts, also 2 patents, 2 rationale proposals and 3 monographs and presented 5 reports at internal and foreign scientific-practical conferences.

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