Aburaykhan Beruni’s contribution in the development of exact sciences

Aburaykhan Beruni’s contribution in the development of exact sciences

On the initiative of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, scientific symposia in honor of personalities of culture, science and literature are held annually. In the Republic of Tajikistan, conducting events of republican and international importance with the participation of scientists and scholars dedicated to the life and activities of Aburaikhan Beruni is an excellent sign of paying tribute to the personality of this outstanding scientist and studying the bright pages of history of the Tajik people.

Aburaykhan Beruni - mathematician, philosopher, astrologer, historian, naturalist and sociologist, is one of the greatest scientists of Tajikistan, and his scientific heritage in the field of geodynamics, anthropology and the development of world civilization is considered an object of extensive research. by scientists. Aburaykhan Beruni is one of the famous intellectuals and scholars of his era and is considered a profound and multifaceted thinker.

Researchers have estimated the number of Aburaykhan Beruni's works are between 130 and 180, of which only 20 have survived. Through scientific research, Aburaykhan Beruni observed a solar eclipse at the age of 21 and determined that it is one of the natural phenomena that results in part of the Earth being covered by the shadow of the moon and sunlight being partially or completely blocked. Beruni determined this at a time when people associated this natural phenomenon with superstitious analysis and comparisons.

Considering the information of sources and the recognition of most researchers of Aburaykhan Beruni's work, he can be called one of the historians and the founder of the science of anthropology in the land of the East. He is the first researcher who developed the comparative-historical method of cultures. These traits can be seen in most of his famous works, including Osor-ul-Baqiya, Mo-li-l-Hind, and Kitab-ul-Jmahir-fil-marifatil-jawahir. Aburaihani Beruni proposed methods to improve the four scientific calculations, including square and cube, square and cube roots, and the concepts of "rational or rational" and "irrational" roots.

Valiev Davlatyor

journalist of the rector’s Service


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

16.10.2023 739