It is important to note that the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On Holidays" defines November 16 as President's Day.

The position of the President is a constitutional position and the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan establishes the procedure and conditions for election to this highest position of state power and the moment when the President's work begins.

For us, the proud people of the country, it is a source of pride and honor that our paradise country is becoming prosperous and beautiful day by day under the leadership of the President of the country, the Leader of the nation Emomali Rahmon. Today, the Tajik people consider President Emomali Rahmon as the savior of the state, the founder of the nation, the guarantor of peace and unity, the reviver of national culture, the founder of the school of modern national statehood and in general as the architect of the new statehood of Tajikistan and a recognized national leader. Emomali Rahmon's popular character, sense of dignity, strong will and great experience fill the heart of every citizen with a sense of confidence in the future, in the future of their children and in the prospects of the state and the nation. It is a rare situation when people trust and confide in their leader as much as in themselves.

The President of the country, Honorable Emomali Rahmon has made great and tireless historical merits for the benefit of the people, development and prosperity of the country. These are considered to be the consolidation of peace and stability, realization of democratic processes, observance of individual rights and freedoms, ensuring a happy and dignified life. Thanks to the wise policy of Emomali Rahmon, Tajikistan has gained a high reputation in the international arena like no other in history. The noble and humane initiatives and actions of Emomali Rahmon in protecting the highest human values, fighting undesirable anti-human processes such as terrorism and extremism, establishing economic and trade ties with small and large countries of the world have turned Tajikistan into a country that is an example in all spheres of national life. In light of this policy, the Tajik people have deeply felt their creative power and rose to creativity, which has gradually changed the face of the country from the remotest villages to major cities, increasing the prosperity of Tajikistan and harmonizing its pulse with the pulse of time and the pulse of the world.

During the leadership of the Leader of the nation, he directs all his efforts to unite the nation towards building a developed society. The speeches, reports and talks of the Leader of the Nation are indeed a high school for politicians, scientists, science and culture workers, intellectuals and youth, and they will surely remain forever among the words of the best orators of the world in books and in various media.

The peace brought to Tajikistan by the President of the country, the Leader of the nation, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, is the rarest and most precious gift. We must move like the apple of our eye to protect national unity and peace, and all of us, wearing a belt of courage, must protect national interests, organized struggle against extremist and terrorist ideas, and not allow the peaceful atmosphere of our dear Tajikistan to be destroyed by the dust of false words.

The Founder of peace and national unity - Leader of the nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon considered education as one of the main factors of development and strength of the nation and state, created all conditions and opportunities to improve the level of knowledge of the youth. His Excellency called culture the basis for the existence of the nation and state, and the survival of the nation depends on the stability of culture, spirituality and language. The leader of the nation sees pride in the motherland, history and culture in preserving the purity of the mother tongue.

If we want to know our nation and state well, we must first know ourselves, because one great man said: "Self-knowledge is the first condition of wisdom".

We should try to educate the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism and self-consciousness, so that they become specialists in their field, serve the Motherland, be grateful to the state and government, the President of the country, peace and security of the country. Because our union is our strength.

Head of the department of medical biology with basics of genetics, d.b.s., associate professor Kholbekiyon M.Yo.


Ismoilov R.K.

10.11.2023 927