A conversation about the proper use of social media

A conversation about the proper use of social media

September 22nd 2023 at the department of pathological physiology the regular meeting was held, where the head of the department c.m.s., Toshtemirova Z.M., associate professors of the department c.m.s., Khojaeva M.Kh., c.m.s., Melikova N.H. and teachers of the department have participated. Along with the current issues of the department, at the end of the meeting there was a discussion with the staff of the department on the most pressing problem of our time, namely the proper use of social networks and political intelligence. In particular, it was noted that:

"One of the main dangers of some social media pages and groups is the alienation of the individual from his social background. As a social being, man develops within society. Outside of society and without normal human relationships, he becomes alienated from his essence. By connecting to social networks that operate on the basis of virtual and non-traditional relationships such as dating, socializing, games, virtual contacts, etc., man gradually gives up his usual relationships. The alienation of a person from his social background leads to the appearance of discord in his political, economic, social, cultural and religious relations. Such a person becomes indifferent to the phenomena and events of society and becomes limited in himself.

Another danger of some social networks, which is more visible today, is the brainwashing of young people by extremist groups. Thus, young people, participants of social networks, are drawn into terrorist and extremist networks, become vulnerable to committing criminal acts, etc. By limiting and controlling other ways and methods of propaganda and agitation, terrorist and extremist groups make extensive use of social media.

Another danger of social media is the propaganda and popularization of other people's culture and customs. In this context, many materials and videos are disseminated through social media that can influence the way people communicate, their worldview, their inner and outer appearance and their values. Or insult people for their actions. All this affects the morality of humanity and leads to conflicts in self-knowledge, kinship relations and historically determined customs.”


Ruzimuhammad Ismoilov

25.09.2023 1007