As everyone knows, during the years of national independence, the Republic of Tajikistan has earned a special position around the world as a proactive state in pressing issues of modern society. In particular, the Republic of Tajikistan has succeeded in consistently presenting water issues as a strategic plan for the world. In particular, the Republic of Tajikistan has succeeded in consistently presenting water issues as a strategic plan for the world. On the initiative of the Founder of National Peace and Unity, Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan respected Emomali Rahmon the proclamation of "International Year of Clean Water (2003)", "International Year of Water Cooperation Sector, 2013", the International Decade of Action "Water for Life, 2005-2015" and the International Decade of Action "Water for Sustainable Development" for 2018-2028 can be a bright example of these humanitarian actions of our favorite President. At the level of the largest international organization, the adoption of the third initiative of the head of state of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon on water is an event of great importance in the world. The proposals were perceived by the United Nations and its member states as an urgent problem of modern society. According to statistics from international organizations, more than 1 billion people on the planet do not have access to drinking water, which causes the death of millions of people, including children, and their suffering from various diseases.

We, the people of Tajikistan, should be proud of the abundant waters of our country and be grateful for this precious gift of God. Our country has almost 7,000 glaciers, more than 150 lakes, rivers, thousands of springs with drinking and mineral water, and many reservoirs. This great treasure is the source of life on earth. Since time immemorial, both among the people and in religious teachings and books, water has been regarded as a source of life for all living things, prosperity and well-being. Now all over the world the leaders of different countries try to leave this unique natural treasure to future generations.

Therefore, since water is the basis of life and existence, every person on earth should contribute to the protection of this precious treasure, try to keep it clean and orderly, which is the civic duty of every person, and not allow anyone to act to pollute it. As the poet says:

At the suggestion of the head of state, measures are being taken in all government agencies related to this sphere to prevent the wastage of drinking water and to protect it.

Water is also a source of healing for the sick. Abuali ibni Sino said that water preserves health. Tajikistan ranks first among other countries in the number of healing springs. Many people come for treatment with our country's healing waters. For example, there is one such healing water in the Varzob valley in Khoja Obi Garm, it is located on the southern slope of the Gisar range (52 km north of Dushanbe), at an altitude of 1860 - 1900 meters.

We should be proud that our country has clean air, healing flowers and plants, many healing places and clean water, which are the main elements of human health. Wise use of these advantages is an important factor in maintaining health.   

 Department of Foreign Languages

04.11.2022 1217