The world's current condition allows only that nations and peopleto be developed that they are united and unanimous

The world's current condition allows only that nations and peopleto be  developed that they are united and unanimous

“The very sensitive and unstable situation in the world calls upon us and you to be more vigilant than ever, not to be careless, to understand correctly the benefit and harm in your words and actions, to appreciate the greatest blessings and achievements of our lives - independence. freedom, patriotism and peace and national unity.”.

Emomali Rahmon President of the Republic of Tajikistan

With state independence, the prideful and noble Tajik people have not only shown determination and resilience, but under the direction of the Leader of the Nation, Emomali Rahmon, they have made strong steps towards building an unshakable foundation of Independence and solidarity. Today, many countries of the world are plagued by political and ideological conflicts, the peoples of these countries are experiencing difficult and shameful days, and their only goal is to achieve peace and stability. Because the happiness of every people and the guarantee of the development and progress of every country is in stability, security, unity and solidarity. Today we have full stability and security and enjoy the valuable benefits of Independence, we must always be the guardians of peace and unity, unity and integrity of our independent Tajikistan. In a country where peace and friendship prevail, this country is prospering day by day, its economy is gradually growing, it is moving forward both politically and economically and socially. In a rapidly changing world and the escalation of armed conflicts in different parts of the world, stability and peace in the lives of people are becoming increasingly important. Thanks to Independence and unity, creative activities unfolded in all corners of the country, hundreds of modern and modern facilities with a beautiful and unique design were erected. The construction of responsible and important facilities gained momentum, and the country became a prosperous and happy country. The duty of faith and conscience of each of us is to achieve peace and stability, to be grateful to the state and patriotism, to engage in creative work and multiply the achievements of our people and the state. Every citizen of the country should know that the current situation in the world allows only peoples and nations that are united and technologically advanced, creative and constructive to exist and develop.

We should always remember that to be a patriot is great happiness and pride, and to appreciate this priceless gift - the Motherland and its independence are both great. Therefore, each of us is required at all times to respect and honor the sacred national values, Independence and stability of our ancestral homeland.

Valiev Davlatyor


Translated: Ismoilov R.



27.05.2022 13017