About the stupidity and ignorance of some people in Europe and their consequences

About the stupidity and ignorance of some people in Europe and their consequences

Mavlono says, "Make friendship with wise people,

A smart enemy is better than an ignorant friend"

That is, the only thing that one should beware of and avoid in the world - ignorance. Ignorance brings misfortune to people and has a harmful effect on others. Society always suffers from ignorance. Because of ignorant, foolish and reckless people, well-mannered and respectable individuals have always been alienated. Ignorance is darkness and a dead end. Not so long ago, some ignorant people, who have neither intelligence nor devotion to the nation and homeland by their misdeeds, humiliated the name of Tajiks in the European continent. Their deeds, of course, arose from their ignorance and stupidity and as a result had a negative impact on the reputation of the Tajik nation.

Throughout history, renowned scholars and orientalists of Europe have recognized the Tajik people as a reputable nation and glorified their place in the development of humanity in their writings. In general, the Tajik people rank high because of their knowledge, honor, dedication, humanity and youth.

But today, unfortunately, the actions of a few idiots and ignorant people have slightly affected the reputation of our country. These people in order to get food have betrayed their ideals and honor and committed a foolish act that will have unpredictable consequences.

Their path is very short and thorny. Because it is said: what destroys vanity? Only vanity. That is, once, having committed their disloyal and foolish deeds, they will eventually destroy themselves and end the path of their future. The Tajik nation has never been low, but has been and remains noble, loyal, dignified, and thinkers of all nations of the world have exalted it.

We – Tajik people have been wise and exalted wisdom throughout history. We had beautiful thoughts and behaviors that stemmed from our superior knowledge. Our world was filled with the right outlook. Our ancestors were constantly striving to learn something, and as a result, they honed their knowledge and thinking along the path of clarity and goodness rather than evil and ignorance.

Taking this opportunity, I want to express that two or three ignorant Tajik oppositions, who today participate in political activities in Europe, demean and denigrate our nation's reputation, sovereign, civilized nation of superior intelligence and wisdom. Therefore, I clarify that by their deeds, they, as human beings, will always be in torment, for their stupidity is from evil, and their way is the way of vanity.

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